My Dreams – Things to Achieve

13 06 2008

Helo my blog…

Helo all…

It’s been a very long long long time I didn’t post here…fiuh…what a blogger!!! J It all started when it was near my graduation day. It’s a very hectic, super busy, days. Until, it was 1st of April. I was hired by a company, a pay TV company based in Jakarta. That was my first day of working and very full of “orientation”. I cannot blog in my office…U know, office condition…L


Well…I wrote this a couple days ago…this Sunday, 3rd of June 08…J These are my things to achieve, my goals, my dreams… I will update this post. Just share thingsJ

Here they are:

Business & Career

  1. Have 2 private business companies financially healthy <age of 26>
  2. Be on top of management (extra-entrepreneur) <age of 35>
  3. Be a member of Board of Commissionaires <age of 40>
  4. Earn 5 Million per month passively from businesses <age of 23>

Friends & Family

  1. Put all birthday mark on my calendar <start now>
  2. Get married when ready <age of 24>
  3. Have 3 children of my own <age of 35>
  4. Actively involved in friends gathering (junior high, high school, and college) <start now>
  5. Regularly gather my best friends and maintain relationship with their family and relatives <start now>
  6. Buy my parents (mom) jewelry (made of pearls) <age of 25>
  7. Buy my wife jewelries <start from marry day>


  1. Own an electric guitar (Fender or Ibanez) with the amplifier and sound effect <August 2008>
  2. Join a music school and concentrate on guitar (jazz and pop rock) <September 2008>
  3. Join a conceptualized music band <age of 23>
  4. Join a big band <age of 26>
  5. Learn about music arrangement <start now>
  6. Perform a unique music composition in a café or stage (limited edition) <age of 25>
  7. Release a book about classic guitar music composition of pop/national/folk songs <age of 30>
  8. Release an album of sound recording my music playing and composition <age of 30>
  9. Own a piano <age of 35>
  10. Present at a classic music orchestra/symphony/recital <age of 26>

Things & Belongings

  1. Have 2 cars: city luxury (Sedan: Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic or MPV: Honda Stream/Mitsubishi Grandis) and adventure (Mitsubishi Strada or Honda CRV) <city on age of 26>
  2. Own a house to live in <age of 26>
  3. Own second house with private swimming pool inside <age of 30>
  4. Own a private library inside my home


  1. Go to Bali <age of 25>
  2. Go to Lombok <age of 23>
  3. Go to Japan (Tokyo) <age of 30>
  4. Visit world’s civilization history sites at Europe (Greece, Spain, Germany, England, Belgium) <age of 30>
  5. Visit Candi Borobudur for the second time <age of 23>
  6. Do bungee jumping <sometime>
  7. Do scuba diving <age of 23>


  1. Do Hajj <age of 30>
  2. Do Umroh <age of 35>
  3. Do all prayers as it comes the times (esp. Subuh n Isya) <start now>
  4. Do daily sunnah prays (esp. Rawatib, Tahajjud, n Dhuha) <start now>
  5. Able to memorize and understand of mainly suggested verses of Al Quran <start now>
  6. Able to pay zakat by myself <start this year>
  7. Do Qurban each year <start this Hijriyah year>
  8. Do always amal jariyah on a masjid <start now each Friday>
  9. Give Ta’jil and dinner for underprivileged people on Ramadhan Days <start this year>
  10. Do Monday-Thursday fasting <start this week>
  11. Do read Al Quran each day <start now>
  12. Give Hajj for my parents <age of 30>


  1. Get a master degree of MBA (abroad) <age of 26>
  2. Write a scientific journal (about marketing and services) and published <this year>
  3. Study about Islam history and AlQuran <start now>
  4. Study about origins of religions <start now>
  5. Study about origins of human, civilization, and languages <start after now>
  6. Speak 3 languages (English, Japanese, …) <age of 26>



The Burial of Core Value!

13 06 2008

Hello there! I’m back…after a quite long time not posting… I faced my graduation exam in the last two weeks, along with its revision…well, finally the result of works so far gets its price! I’m graduated now! well, at that time, I had a time to go to the movie, and I wathced “Ayat-ayat Cinta”, a film by Indonesian director, Hanung Bramantyo, telling a story adapted from a novel on a same title written by Habiburrahman El Sirazy. I’ve got to tell, there is a disappointment of me after seeing that movie.


The biggest disappointment is that the core value which Habiburrahman wish to share to readers is that the character and its building process by the main figure, Fahri, and also the Islamic value. The novel tells a story about Indonesian student in Al Azhar University. Living in another country for studying is not easy, esp egypt. Fahri is described as a character-strong man, that he would do anything at any cost to reach his goals.


His journey from his flat to the place where he studies, the obstacles he faces, and everything are aimed to readers that we should be persistent and strong in achieving our dreams and our goals. Also, in the novel, it is told how a Muslim deals with anothers; either to people form same country, same race, same religion, or different country, race, religion! While, in the movie, all the things that is blown up is about Love! well, ayat-ayat cinta tells about love, but never forget, what is meant to be “Novel Pembangun Jiwa” is not only about Love! it’s about character! Jiwa means soul, and soul is not only about love, is more about character!


The core value that is burried in this movie:


1. Character of Fahri, the persistent, organized, target-minded which is only describe as a romantic, caring, and everything that is related to love.


2. Aisha, Fahri’s first wife! she is a gentle, caring, respectful, well-mannered, and obedient. while, in the movie, she’d be willing to yell (in loud sound!). Well, showing jealousy is common, but in the right way!


3. Fahri and Aisha’s first night. There is proper behaviour on first night of a bride and groom first night, or called as “malam zafaf” on the novel. while, in the movie, it is not shown, and directly to the “main menu” started with kissing!


4. The Polygamy. well, it’s not problem for the movie to be not as same as the novel, where it should be ended when Maria died after giving witness to the court, while in the movie Fahri and Maria, with Aisha, lived together in a family. It is hard to be fair to both wife in a polygamy, but my point is, in polygamy, a wife should be never seen by the others when she’s talking, intimating with the husband. in the movie, in almost every scene in the polygamy, Fahri either both with Maria and Aisha, is always seen each other.


5. A husband like Fahri is impossible to be not directing his wife to follow the believe or religion, with its behaviour. Maria did ‘shalat’ just in a moment before she died. She didnt wear veil, and her tatoo is still on her wrist. A good husband must direct his wife to follow the good value that he believes. Oh gee, in the movie, not at all!


Well, a little bit disappointment of me, and it’s just my opinion. My friend asked me about the movie, what score I give to it. I said…2 of 10! what a cruel! yup, for the core value that’s burried, it’s suitable. I dont have any problem for the unmatched story with the book, but for the value, I cant give any score more. This movie is more likely a sinetron in long duration. I regret this movie, only a little bit more, and it’s a “Film pembangun Jiwa” Well, I kind to have a thought, why dont Dedy Mizwar who produce and direct this movie. I think, it’ll be much better! So guys, what do you think?

A really fool Idol-to-be

10 03 2008

Gotta watch this one!

I got it when I blog-walking..cant help to laugh!!!

She sang Mariah Carey’s song, Without You…She believed the song is in English…

but in really a language that anybody cant even imagine to be exist!

well, she thinks that she’s able in English!

What a fool!!! Ken Lee…huahahahaha

Chasse (opus 51)

25 02 2008

Napoleon Coste

This is a beautiful song! A drop D-tuning song telling a story about…hmm, actually I dont really know what it’s about. It sound like an opera, the short one (opus).

The mezo forte and (see more…)

This is why English is Very Important

23 02 2008

Guys..this is a ridiculous pic I’ve ever seen. I got it when looking around on a jokes forum…well, not quite a joke for me.. 🙂

No wonder if drugs are still exist! They’re hidden and not eliminated! What do you think guys….

O gosh, embarassing!

But funny enough! 🙂

Visit Indonesia 2008

11 02 2008
I once came into website having logo of Visit Indonesia 2008. I hovered my mouse on it, and there’s a link to its web page. Wow, what a promoting web page! It really shows seriousness of our government to promote Indonesia tourism on year 2008. Well, I fully support this program. It can increase Indonesia’s flag wave in international world and help local communities to develop their business, the home business one.
Indonesia has so many natural cultures, sites, cities, to see. The culture of Indonesia’s tribes has its reachness; exotic, various, and unique. Every tribe always gives new unforgetable experience to whoever having seen it. It is just too great to not see.
However, there’s something bothering my mind. Our government is busy in promoting the tourism but forgeting the fundamental thing: infrastructure. I, shortly, was reminded on how Jakarta, the capital city, was flooded by only single-day rain. It took down transportation, international airport Soekarno-Hatta along with its freeway, and even our national presidential palace. our president, President SBY, needed to move to Paspampres’s SUV to break through the flood.
Oh gosh, how can we attract tourists to come? How dare we, inviting them but on the other side, they are greet by such inconvenience. How can they recommend their relatives or colleage to come to our country? This will turn them not to see our country. I hope this thing will never happen again. We’ll learn to be better and fix up all from the most fundamental things. Visit Indonesia 2008.

Trip Report

8 02 2008

Howdy fellas…

Well, yesterday a accompanied my friend to observe her object on her research for graduation.

It is located in  Cileungsi, Kab. Bogor. It is a school, established as a Corporate Social Responsibility from a company: Holcim, which used to be PT Semen Cibinong. Well, I was just a few more kilometers, then I’d have been in my hometown ( 🙂 ).

It was started in the morning, with a backpacking style. While on the way, I was wondering if I can see an alternative way to Bogor, as I’m getting bored with the usual track in my way back home. The journey took 3 hours, and still needs half an hour to reach the place (God, so far away).

At the place, it was a nice one. It has plenty of plants which make the schools so green (in this era where “green” issue is hot, in the middle of factories area). I’d love to breathe the fresh air there. Well, the photos of this journey is still in my friend’s camera, but I’ll put it here soon. 🙂